Monday, June 24, 2024
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Orlando’s Italian Beefstro – Chicago style Beef Sandwiches!


Italian Beefstro sits in on busy Colonial Drive just a few blocks west from the I-4 exit in a small building with a little fountain in front. Inside, you get in line to order your food at the counter. The people who work here are all very nice and hospitable, which is greatly appreciated.

Italian Beefstro’s pride themselves on serving Italian Beef sandwiches, a specialty from the windy city of Chicago.

The Italian Beef sandwich ($4.95) has slices of juicy roast beef and sauteed green peppers in a hoagie roll. For 0.30 cents extra, they add hot giardiniera (pickled veggies) and the Italian beef sandwich is dunked in the flavor filled juice that runs off the beef (i call it beefy juices). Its a dripping, juicy, delightful mess of a Italian roast beef sandwich.

Italian Beefstro’s also serves up Classic Vienna Beef Chicago hot dogs ($3.89) topped with tomato, pickles, sport peppers, celery salt, and relish.

Maybe it was the old Orlando feel or just something about the counters and the roast beef, but for some reason I was reminded fondly of Beefy King’s down the street while eating at Italian Beefstro. Maybe its their love for roast beef. Overall, I thought the sandwiches were pretty good and worth a try, especially for all those displaced Chicago residents 😉

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Inside Italian Beefstro, not much to look at, but its all about the food!

The Italian Beef sandwich, dipped in beefy juice


Chicago dog!

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