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Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck – where Local is Lovely…


A line started to form on a street corner as the sun began to beam down on the downtown Orlando pavement. Friday lunch time and it was about high noon for some afternoon delight. My carpool buddy Sean and I made our way over to the orange truck (on the corner of Washington Ave and Orange Ave) where everyone was gathering. This here was no ordinary truck but rather one of the first “gourmet” food trucks to hit Orlando, Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck headed by Chef Tony Adams.

Chef Tony is taking names.

Big Wheel Provisions isn’t new to the foodie scene in Central Florida, having a long established presence at the Audobon Park Farmer’s market and others, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients that change seasonally and taste great. Its a movement to take back our food from the processed, mass produced, and generally unnatural food product industry that is so prevalent in American diets today.

The Big Wheel Food truck is beautiful to look at; trimmed in oranges and eggshell whites, its large windows give you a peak into the kitchen area where you can see the chefs preparing your meal to order.

At the Big Wheel Provisions Food truck, their menu changes pretty much daily so you have to check out their twitter at for the most up to date information about whats going on for the day. On this day, I ordered the special hot lunch with succulent, locally raised beef meatloaf, with big wheel bacon (they make it, ham, charcuterie etc themselves!), and served with a side of delicious mashed Florida reds.

They also serve desserts and bakery items from local Bee’s Knees Sweet Treats (you can find them at the College Park and Audobon Park Farmer’s Market weekly). I got the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookie with sea salt, one of the best cookies I have had in a while with just the right amount of sweetness and the perfect consistency, not too soft and not too hard, just right.

My friend Sean ordered the local pork pesto sausage (homemade by Big Wheel Provisions) on homemade pretzel bread (locally baked by the Olde Hearth Bread Company) with sweet onions and peppers as well as the Big Wheel fries with their home made ketchup sauce, both of which were “delicious”.


The Special Hot lunch Meatloaf with Mashed red potatoes


The Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookie with sea salt from the Bee’s Knees

Pork pesto sausage with sweet onions and peppers

 The big wheel fries!

dine here at the ironing boards ! 

They are also opened late til 2/3 on certain days and have a separate night menu for dinner and after party tastes.

Overall, I loved this place. I hope Big Wheels keeps on turnin’, out some great local and fresh food for many years to come. Local is lovely indeed.

Tip: They are usually located off of Washington Ave and Orange Ave in downtown Orlando, but you never know when they may be at a new location. To be safe visit their twitter at


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