Friday, June 14, 2024
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Tanjarine Takeover of Graffiti Junktion

We were recently invited over to Graffiti Junktion in Thornton Park for lunch.

There with Tanjarine: A TouchTunes Company discussed with us their partnership with Graffiti Junktion in bringing their tablet to the restaurant that will allow customers to browse the menus, order, play games, play music, and pay for the meals at the table.

Founded in 1998, TouchTunes provides music and entertainment in 61,000 bars and restaurants in North America.

Some of the “Perks” of Tanjarine at a restaurant:

  1. You can see the photos and description of items on the menu clearly
  2. Food and drinks can be ordered easily and quickly
  3. Waiters and waitresses receive your order on a handheld to confirm even when they’re not at the table
  4. Play unlimited games at the table for only $2.99
  5. Play trivia games regarding real-time sports against others at different tables
  6. Pay at the table
  7. Tip options are calculated for you according to how much your meal costs


While checking out the tablet and everything that it has to offer, I had a nice California Chicken Salad at Graffiti Junktion, known mostly for their burgers. The grilled chicken was cooked thoroughly and still juicy. The avocado added a smooth texture to the dish in contrast to the crunch from the salad.

The best part was how the salad was dressed with balsamic dressing. Dressing a salad is different than just pouring the salad dressing on top of the salad, when the salad is tossed in the dressing where each item of the salad has a bit of the dressing.

For more information on Tanjarine, check out their website here:

For more information on Graffiti Junktion, check out their website here:

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