Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Inside Look: Duck & Drake Kitchen

Bringing creativity to comfort food, Heberto and Rona Segura creates internationally inspired dishes featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients that are local whenever possible. Their cuisine is as humble, innovative and personable as they are.

The truck can be found outside of Digress Wine off Edgewater Dr in Orlando FL with this Rob slinging smiles and drinks. Not sure what you’re interested in drinking that day or night? Come on up and ask because he’ll be more than happy to help you find something to wet the whistle.

Burrata & potato chips is served with edamame hummus and everything sprinkles. Smooth, silky and fresh delivered with a crispy and salty potato chip. Nothing more that I’d ask for besides another plate of this.

Braised duck empanadillas are served with salsa verde. Honestly, that salsa verde goes with EVERYTHING! The empanadillas are the cutest little things and I’d love to shove a few in my pocket to munch on at work. You can hardly tell it is duck unless you’ve had it before because the gamey of the duck is very mild to the palate.

Tempura Gulf Coast prawns with uni butter and smoked trout roe. Beautifully plated with the moist and tender prawns.

Chicken Costoletta served with baby potatoes, cauliflower giardiniera, and lemon and chili garlic oil is one of the popular dishes from this food truck. Also, it is one of Heberto’s favorite dishes as well! Try it out and see how enjoyable it is.

Prime beef & lamb sliders served with feta aioli and pickled pink onions. Hear me out, how about we put some of that salsa verde and burrata under these buns too? Maybe you should order all three dishes that have these items and make your creation like I did. But don’t forget to enjoy bites of this creation before adding things to make your own.

Manchego cheese croquettes are so creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They’re served with a Romesco aioli that adds a nice touch to it as well.

Don’t forget to order dessert. They have the buttermilk shortcake that is served with mixed berries and Chantilly cream.

Make sure you stop by Duck & Drake Kitchen (with a possible Foodie Meet Up by myself in the works for the last Thursday of April. Keep an eye out!). Of course, come before and after the Foodie Meet Up, but come during the meet up too and enjoy getting to know other food enthusiasts too.

What are you waiting for? They’re waiting to wow your taste buds. For more information, visit their website as well as social network platforms.


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