Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Beewon Korean Cuisine – Dr Phillips area


Beewon Korean Cuisine is located on Dr Phillips Boulevard just south of Turkey Lake Road in Southwest Orlando. I am a big fan of Korean food as it is often fresh, tasty, and healthy. The only set back about it is that its a bit expensive for the amount of food that you get. Beewon is no exception to this, owing in no small part to its location in the upscale Dr Phillips neighborhood.

Inside Beewon!

Inside Beewon, photos of Korean pro-golfers/patrons, wooded tables, chairs, and traditional Korean decor fill the space. It is definitely larger and more airy than the popular Shin Jung, leaving you plenty of space to breath in case you decide to cook up some bulgogi or kalbi beef ribs at your table.

Fried Mandoo dumplings

We ordered the mandoo fried dumplings, a tasty appetizer that I wish had a bit more filling. The spicy seafood noodle soup is always pleasant, with its familiar spicy and thick seafood broth with shrimp, clams, mussels, and Korean noodles. The kalbi beef short ribs ( a bit steep at $24.95 a plate) is excellent though a bit chewy, marinated in a sweet soy sauce and char grilled.

Banchon – side dishes! 
Spicy seafood noodle soup
Kalbi Short ribs!

Overall Beewon is a pretty good Korean establishment to visit if you are out in the west side of town though I do prefer other establishments that are closer. Check it out!

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  1. I went with my family on Christmas Eve. There were only two
    waitresses working there although the place was completely packed. We had to
    seat ourselves. Our waitress was abysmal. Twenty minutes would pass before they
    would visit our table. We had to ask for more tea and kimchee repeatedly. My
    sister had to get out of her seat twice to go look for the waitress. At one
    point the waitress pointedly ignored her while breezing right on by. I asked
    for silverware three times before I finally got up and retrieved them from the
    next table. We pretty much served ourselves. We weren’t the only ones. I noticed
    the other customers begin to look around for where the waitress was. The
    customers that spoke Korean got served first. The table beside ours had been
    seated at nearly the same time as us, yet they did not receive their food until
    we were close to receiving our check.

    Do not book a full restaurant if you have so few staff
    available to properly serve them. It is unfair to the customers. The food was
    good but unfortunately I will never ever return to this establishment. We were
    completely insulted. I was angered by the way the waitress ignored my sister
    after she had gotten out of her seat to seek her assistance. I did tip, because
    it was Christmas Eve, but this whole experience left quite a sour aftertaste. Afterwards
    I actually regretted tipping because I felt debased. I never felt that way
    after leaving a restaurant before. I thought this honest review would make me
    feel better. It is a shame because there are so few good Korean restaurants in
    town, yet the way they treated us was entirely wrong.