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TastyChomps! Interviews: Kalbi Hau5 Food Truck Owners Herbert Tinjaca and Henry Lai

Exclusive Interview: Kalbi Hau5 Food Truck Owners Herbert Tinjaca and Henry Lai

The food truck scene in Orlando is on full blast! A new Asian BBQ food truck has arrived on the scene by the name of Kalbi Hau5. Kalbi is the Korean bbq short rib popular in Korean cuisine. It’s personally one of my favorite dishes and I am looking forward to trying this place out once it’s ready. I had the opportunity to interview the Food Truck owners Herbert Tinjaca and Henry Lai, both Orlando natives, about their recent venture kalbi hau5 (hau5 is pronounced as house, so kalbi house) Asian BBQ food truck

Tasty Chomps: Why did you decide to start a food truck?
Herbert Tinjaca: We are very proud of our product and are excited to be able to provide Orlando with a new twist on Asian food. I lived in Manhattan for grad school, and in LA for almost half a year, and got to experience the latest and trendiest in food. We combined all those flavors and experiences into one, and created kalbi hau5.

TC: What will be on the menu at Kalbi Hau5?
KH: We offer short rib (kalbi), chicken, pork, shrimp, and tofu. You can get them in a taco, burrito, or rice bowl. We offer specialized quesadillas such as the kimchi, citrus-jalapeno pork, and sesame-chili chicken quesadillas, and truffle fries. We carry water and lychee lemonade to drink, and frozen hot chocolate for dessert.

Every week we plan on having a different weekly special, a new menu item for that week only. So make sure to stay updated and not miss out.

When will you begin serving as a fully operational food truck?
We hope to be serving no later than the beginning of August

Where can people find you?
They can find us on facebook:
on twitter:
or call/text: 407-403-0115

Exact locations will be posted a week in advance on the website in a couple of months, once we learn the ins and outs of the business/law regulations and develop relationships/contacts with land owners. We plan to be at different locations around Orlando for every lunch & dinner, just like the trucks in LA, and San Fran. In the meantime, daily locations will be on twitter, which is instantly posted/updated onto our website. For the first couple months, we will most likely be at a stationary location until these contacts are developed. Most likely we will be on Colonial Drive, very close to Fashion Square Mall. Currently in negotiation with a land owner.

Below are some photos from Kalbi Hau5 with some concept designs from their

Kalbi BBQ Short Ribs

Sesame chili chicken quesadilla

Spicy Pork Tacos

Sweet Mandarin Chicken Tacos

Truffle Fries 

for more photos visit

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