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Orlando Japan Festival 2012 – Photo recap

The Orlando Japan Festival is an annual event put on by the local Orlando Japanese community, and is one of my personal favorite events of the year. The event, which was once hosted at the Rangetsu building on International Drive, is now put on at the Hunter’s Creek plaza just south of SR 417 on John Young Parkway.

There are amazing traditional performances like the 100 Drummers taiko performance performed by Matsuriza of the Disney Epcot Japan Pavilion, Koto (Japanese harp player), traditional Japanese Dance, Tsugaru-Shamisen, the age-old iconic Tea Ceremony (symbolic of Japan’s oldest traditions), Japanese Calligraphy (shodo), Martial Arts demonstrations, as well as a chance to try-out real Japanese Kimonos.

My favorite aspect of the festival is the many Japanese Food Stalls staffed by the local Japanese restaurant community including Rangetsu, Sushi Tomi, Japan Food Aki, the Disney Epcot Japan Pavilion, and more. Below are a few photos from the event:

orlando japan festival 2012
Green Tea Cheesecake from the Disney Japan Pavilion at Epcot!

orlando japan festival 2012
Staff from the Disney Japan Pavilion at Epcot

orlando japan festival 2012
Rice cracker making machine

orlando japan festival 2012

orlando japan festival 2012
Disney Epcot Japan Pavilion staff!

orlando japan festival 2012
Sukiyaki beef buns from Disney Epcot Japan Pavilion

orlando japan festival 2012

orlando japan festival 2012
Chirashi from Rangetsu

orlando japan festival 2012

orlando japan festival 2012
Sweet bean rice cake on a stick

orlando japan festival 2012
My friend Hisae! Many people were in traditional Japanese wear, as well as anime cosplay at the festival

orlando japan festival 2012

japan festival harris rosen orlando
Mr. Harris Rosen of Rosen Hotels performing the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Mr. Rosen last year donated over $100,000 to the victims of the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disaster in 2011

curry katsu orlando japan festival

Shrimp Tempura with curry katsu rice and pickled cucumbers from Japan Food Aki

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