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Food Blog Forum 2013 – Walt Disney World – Grand Floridian Resort

Food Blog Forum Orlando 2013 was an exciting full-day event at Walt Disney World for food bloggers on the weekend of Saturday, May 18. I had went last year and had such a wonderful time that I wanted to go again this year – and thankfully I was one of the few who made it on the site in the first ten minutes to sign up in time!

This event was produced by Food Blog Forum with Jaden & Scott Hair of Steamy Kitchen, Todd & Diane of White On Rice Couple, Julie Deily of The Little Kitchen and Lindsay Landis of Love & Olive Oil and sponsored by Walt Disney World, Florida Milk, KitchenAid, and OXO. Pam Brandon, Karen McClintock, and all the wonderful staff at Disney really did an excellent job hosting all of us…truly a master feat.

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Friday, May 17, 2013
Friday Evening – Welcome Reception for Attendees at Disney’s Grand Floridian

 photo DSC00958_zps5a27692f.jpg
Excitement in the air

 photo DSC00953_zps0fb668ec.jpg
Karen McClintock of Disney – doing some quality control for the lamb belly dish

 photo DSC00954_zps7b284e29.jpg
Lamb belly…so good!

 photo DSC00955_zps33c7ce84.jpg

 photo DSC00956_zps02394664.jpg
Chef at work – do not disturb

 photo DSC00960_zps8d3fa102.jpg

 photo DSC00963_zps8b4669e0.jpg

 photo DSC00964_zps21dceb80.jpg
Delicious savory mushrooms!

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Coffee and continental breakfast provided by Walt Disney World

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 photo DSC01025_zps0bbe7519.jpg
Welcome! From Disney Social Media Manager

Sully and Mike at Walt Disney World
Sully and Mike at Walt Disney World

For all sorts of fun Disney news, check out

 photo DSC01029_zpsc9f12816.jpg presents Redefining Success and Setting Goals
1. Always start with the emotion that you are trying to achieve – Ask yourself : “Right now I am trying to achieve X, what will X give me?” – Power, freedom, ability, family,
2. Life changes when you change your focus
3. Finding ways to pursue that emotional feeling you want with the things you are currently doing ie through the career
4. When you enjoy what you are doing that reaps more success

 photo DSC01031_zps3793337b.jpg
White on Rice Couple – Diane Cu and Todd Porter
Make videos using
Need to get a mic for camera to amplify sound and cut out background noise
Free play music / triple scoop music / with etiquette
Noir Photo / filter Storm /Camera + / VSCO Cam / Snapseed
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Crazy epic lunch – Disney Kid’s menu theme
 photo DSC01036_zps588906ee.jpg

 photo DSC01037_zps23f999e1.jpg
Cinderella Castle – Turkey pot pie soup with a slipper

 photo DSC01039_zpsdd34c150.jpg

 photo DSC01042_zpse1e32b86.jpg

 photo DSC01044_zpsd84b0c02.jpg

 photo DSC01048_zps7e5eb906.jpg
EPCOT – Canada Pavillion’s Cheddar Cheese Soup

 photo DSC01050_zps19c1240b.jpg

 photo DSC01051_zpsbb7d73b7.jpg

 photo DSC01054_zpsbbeee16c.jpg

 photo DSC01055_zpsa0101ff5.jpg

 photo DSC01057_zps9865f349.jpg

 photo DSC01059_zps3c804833.jpg
Monsters’ Summer is coming…

 photo DSC01060_zpsf87ddfaf.jpg

 photo DSC01062_zps0fca2f8e.jpg

 photo DSC01072_zps586f69b5.jpg

 photo DSC01073_zps87238c44.jpg and BakeSpace talk about the importance of mobile in the coming years

 photo DSC01076_zpsea1983c6.jpg
Disney Imagineer Tim Warzecha talks about the process of creating an authentic restaurant Sanaa with African and Indian cultural flavors in the decor

 photo DSC01078_zps72d62e8c.jpg
Lindsay, David, Julie, and Jeff talk about building communities

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Brunch At Whole Foods Market Orlando – for Attendees and Family

 photo DSC01080_zps23559efa.jpg

 photo DSC01113_zpsb5891977.jpg

Check out Sean’s Awesome Graphic design at – he is available for hire

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 photo DSC01082_zps2d76a99d.jpg

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 photo DSC01086_zps374c5d1c.jpg

 photo DSC01090_zps378c70f2.jpg

 photo DSC01093_zpsaa83ecb5.jpg

 photo DSC01097_zps6996cb86.jpg

 photo DSC01103_zps41e5c861.jpg

 photo DSC01105_zps7b7f8263.jpg

 photo DSC01108_zpsac7f322c.jpg

 photo DSC01115_zps58ac5d79.jpg



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 photo DSC01100_zps5ef7cc29.jpg

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Thank you so much Lindsay and Julie for putting this event on!

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