Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Dim Sum

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Orlando? Inside Look: YH Seafood Clubhouse in Dr Phillips Area / Southwest Orlando

Have you heard about this new Cantonese Chinese Dim Sum and Seafood restaurant in Orlando? It's called YH Seafood Clubhouse and they recently opened in...

Lam’s Garden Chinese Restaurant Celebrates 45 Years in Orlando in 2020 – Interview with the Mark Family

Lam's Garden opened its doors in 1975 and is now the oldest and longest running active Chinese restaurant in the heart of Orlando. It...

Mr Wong’s Family Taste Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum – West Orlando

There's no English signs to let you know you're at Mr Wong's Family Taste Chinese Cuisine until you're inside. It just says "Chinese Cuisine"...

Ming Bistro – new looks, dim sum in Orlando

It's a Chinese family tradition - while some folks sip on mimosas and munch on French toast on the weekends, others hit up one...

Lam’s Garden – Dim Sum and Chinese – A Photoblog

Lam's Garden is probably known best for their banquet style Chinese Cantonese cuisine. Though my favorite dim sum restaurant may be elsewhere, Lam's Garden also...

Toa Toa Chinese – Dim Sum in Ft Lauderdale area

On a sunny, early Saturday afternoon in South Florida, a Chinese grandma sits with her children and grandchildren around a round table with a...

Golden Lotus – Authentic Chinese Restaurant revisited!

I visited Golden Lotus many times before but was recently asked by Asia Trend to visit Golden Lotus again for a article in their...

Golden Lotus – Dim Sum – Orlando

Golden Lotus - Dim Sum - Orlando For a city with a relatively thriving Asian population, Orlando is surprisingly lacking in the delicious dim...

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